October 1st, 2010

Bits of fame

Remember that crazy time I had my portrait painted? Well, The New Quarterly is going to run it, along with portraits of a bunch of other very cool writer-types, plus our little essays about the experience we had being rendered as art. All this in the fall issue–excitement (especially since I haven’t seen any of the other portraits, or even heard who all the writers are–I’m so curious!)

Also, if you know anyone who lives or will be in or near North Bay tomorrow night, please encourage them to come out to Circus Wonderland at the WKP Kennedy gallery (link at right) to see some cool bands and video installations, plus me reading a story from my book-to-be. Should be a fun evening!

And final bit of fun fame stuff: my friend’s mom is taking some university classes geared towards retired folks. She showed him some brochures, and as he flipped through the “CanLit Now” one, a name caught his eye… I am pleased to no end!

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