September 28th, 2010

Things to do–busy edition

Do you want to come out with me to the Combat Camera launch tonight at the Garrison? Or without me, tomorrow night, to the mayoral arts debate, which sounds fascinating and educational (and includes free snacks). I, of course, bought my Jays vs. Yankees tickets months ago, so that’s where I’ll be tomorrow. And then on Thursday I’ll be very tired, and on Friday getting ready for my trip to North Bay, where on Saturday I’ll be reading in the Circus Wonderland at WKP Kennedy Gallery. And on Sunday returning from that, again tired. And on Monday at the Cadence cd launch party. And then the thing that I am doing on Tuesday October 5 at 6:30pm, I can’t read in my calander (I have lousy handwriting, ok?) but if I was planning on doing it with you, could you please let me know??

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