September 20th, 2010

So Eden Mills was very good

Of course, you knew that, because it’s taken me a whole day to write this, so you’ve likely already read Kerry‘s or Mark‘s or someone’s accounts. So just to briefly recap: it was gorgeous out, the crowd was sizeable but not intimidating and full of cool people (Toronto Poetry Vendors! CoachHouse Books! Biblioasis! The New Quarterly! Etc!

The readings were stellar, the children were well behaved, and though I accidentally bought the wrong kind of hummus for our picnic, that was good too. Unfortunately, something insectal bit me during Stephen Heighton’s (excellent) reading and now I have a giant welt on the back of my thigh, but that was really the only downside.

Souvenirs (besides the welt) include a TPV copy of a Michael Lista poem and a copy of Alexander MacLeod’s Light Lifting, which got nominated for a Giller today! As if you weren’t already excited to go to his book launch tomorrow. See you there?

And, from the non-literary quadrant of my life, I arrived home to discover that one of my dearest friends has gotten engaged, and I am to be the maid of honour! I am honoured! Although, after googling my duties, slightly terrified. One thing I must do is help make boutenneres, which as turns out I can’t even spell. I always thought those were just flowers men put in their buttonholes…how would one “make” that? Oh dear. I promise there won’t be a lot of this sort of thing coming up on Rose-coloured, but…the issue might recur. Still, hooray for love!

3 Responses to “So Eden Mills was very good”

  • Amy Jones says:

    Having been in eight wedding parties myself, let me offer a little advice: while the bridesmaids are there to make sure that the guests are all having a good time, the maid of honour is there to make sure the bride is having a good time. You know, pinning her dress if it doesn’t fit, dealing with the caterers when someone suddenly becomes a plus one, keeping away that annoying friend who wants to pretend she’s in the bridal party. Etc. Also giving fun speeches… which I understand that not everyone gets as excited about as I do, but am sure that you, being the fantastic public reader that you are, will pull off with charm and flourish.

    I’m focusing on this part because I am extremely jealous of everyone’s amazing Eden Mills stories. But I’m glad you discovered new hummous!

  • AMT says:

    woooo! it would almost be worth it to get married, to have you as a lady of honour.

    almost. ;)

  • Rebecca says:

    Amy, thank goodness you mentioned the speeches, because otherwise that would be a list of things I am not good at! I need to find a caterer and some annoying people I can practice being firm with!!

    AMT, I’d actually be willing to accept the role in perpetuity, with no marriage involved. For a select few, anyway.

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