September 23rd, 2010

Rose-coloured and Mark reviews Lucky Stars Candy

We taped this review ages ago–the candy has long since been eaten–but I forgot to transcribe it until today, when Mark and were discussing the *next* item we might review. So better late than never!

RR: Lucky Stars candy come in a little tin Chinese takeout container. It’s red…

MS: There are pictures of roses on it and a Hello-Kitty-esque cat.

RR: I’m pretty sure that’s Hello Kitty.

MS: Is that Hello Kitty? Ok.

RR: I think…yes, that’s the [same] brand–it’s made by Saurio and the “o” is shaped like a heart. In the tin are red and white stars. (surprisingly loud sound of crunching) They’re crunchy. Maybe you’re supposed to suck on them.

MS: I think you are. I think they’re a bit too hard to bite through right away.

RR: Well, I can do it, but I’m not sure I’m supposed to do it.

MS: It’s quite a bit of flavour there if you…sit there and suck.

RR: So they’re red and they’re white…is there a difference?

MS: Mmm, I don’t know. (crunching)

RR: These were a gift to me from a friend who went to Vancouver island where apparently you can get a lot more Asian stuff than you can in Toronto. I mean, the writing on this is in English but

MS: there are some Chinese characters on the side.

RR: I wonder where it was manufactured. Hold the recorder?

MS: Certainly.

RR: Made in China, but distributed by Boston America Corp.

MS: Well, that is something. Yeah, I think the white ones do taste different.

RR: They kind of remind me of a SweeTart. Yknow, compressed dextrose?

MS: Yeah.

RR: It’s *cool*. Like, instead of sugar, which is gritty, when you finally bite into these it’s a very soft cool powder.

MS: Yup, you’re right.

RR: I’ve had this forever, I had like 2 when I opened it, but they haven’t gone stale.

MS: I wonder who the target audience is for these. They seem a bit small to give to a young child.

RR: I think that probably the target audience is people who love adorable boxes and are willing to buy them and eat whatever’s inside, in order to later put paperclips or jewellery in this box.

MS: Yeah.

RR: I mean, the candy’s nice enough, but most candy makes me want to eat all of it immediately, and this does not make me want to do that.

MS: No, this is a candy that you just sort of take little nips at and savour.

RR: It’s really just sweet, and a little tiny bit of flavour. And it’s more adorable than anything. It’s designer candy. I shudder to think what this cost.

MS: I think it should also be noted that the candies themselves actually have a little bit of design to them. The stars have little raised edges on their arms.

RR: They’re really pretty. Good to decorate a cake or something. I’m not not enjoying them, but I’m kinda done now. I’ll have more later, or next week.

MS: Yeah, I think we’re done.

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