September 25th, 2010

If you feel you haven’t seen enough of me

…you could come down to the Ossington tonight and see me read with Liz Howard, Julie Cameron Grey, John B. Lee and The Vagabond Trust (doors 5:30, readings 6–so there’s still time to go for dinner afterwards!)

Or, if the reason we haven’t seen each other lately is that you live in North Bay, don’t worry–I’ll come to you! I’ll be reading at the WKP Kennedy Gallery next Saturday, October 2, at their Circus Wonderland event, which promises to be very exciting. If you live in North Bay or plan on being there next weekend, I hope you come out. And even if you won’t be around NB next weekend, if you’ve been there ever and had some good times, perhaps you would like to recommend some highlights for me to see on this, my first trip (before you say it, no, sadly I can’t go visit Amy–that’s the other Bay. I know, it’s confusing!)

So see you soon, somewhere!

2 Responses to “If you feel you haven’t seen enough of me”

  • Amy Jones says:

    Haha, it’s true, everyone thinks North Bay and Thunder Bay are the same place. But I do think you should come here and read! Miriam Toews did it last month, so you know it’s not a total literary suck-hole.

  • Rebecca says:

    Hey, I’d be delighted–but I think Miriam Toews is a bit ahead of me in the queue.

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