September 24th, 2010

First Drafts Are So Embarrassing (post 2)

I’m just finishing off a new draft of something–not final, but a “good” draft. Maybe “better”? Anyway, among the last steps is rereading my workshop notes to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Not that I take all advice offered in workshop (by a longshot) but it’s better to refuse advice because you thought it over and decided against rather than that you didn’t see it written way off in the corner there.

In this rereading, I was reminded of problems (now solved) that fit the FDASE profile. To wit:

–I accidentally had a character doing something that would’ve caused her trouble with the law. I didn’t know what the law *is*, you see. But now I do.

–Several times characters went home and then came back to work, and yet it was mysteriously still the same day.

–Written in the margin: “There’s an app for that!” I’ve actually now incorporated that line into the dialogue, it’s such a part of our 2010 language.

–Rich people don’t use buy flip phones. Apparently.

–This I learned not from workshop but from Spellcheck: it’s “blowjob” not “blow job.” Good to know, MSWord. I’m actually not very embarrassed about this one.

You know, I don’t necessarily need to play this game by myself–if anyone else has any FDASE type moments they are willing to share, please do!!

2 Responses to “First Drafts Are So Embarrassing (post 2)”

  • AMT says:

    what was the character doing illegally?! i like the idea of how playing Accidentally Cruel God, and ruining your characters’ criminal records and credit scores and so on…

  • AMT says:

    um. that ‘how’ was supposed to be a ‘you’. i’m a little worried how i screwed that up. or, rather, a little worried you i screwed that up. as i would say.

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