August 10th, 2010

Litsy Stuff

A few things:

Via Scott, a list of literary pickup lines created in anticipation of a new dating website based around book preferences. The website plan is dubious, I think, but the lines are pretty funny, especially the one about Dan Brown.

I actually liked the music of Library Voices before I knew their perhaps overcute name. But they are truly both bookish (they have a song called “Kundera on the Dancefloor”) and unpretentious (another called “Drinking Games,” which I think is my favourite).

The new issue of the New Quarterly came last night, the On the Road issue, and it came with a PRESENT!! A bonus little magazine that’s *not* about writing, which I am much looking forward to reading. And there’s also a story by me, which I am quite pleased about too. But mainly the present!

I’m reading with Jill Battson and Mat Laporte tomorrow night at Pivot at the Press Club. I’ll be reading something from Road Trips as a kind of unofficial delayed launch, and I’ll have a few copies to sell, too. And I’ll be so excited that Pivot has reopened for the season!

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