August 4th, 2010

Life–so much stuff!

So I went to Winnipeg! Did I mention everyone should go to Winnipeg? Oh yeah, I did! As it turns out, it’s equally fun the second time! Maybe even more so, because there was no work involved in this trip, just Olive Garden and old friends and new friends and a very pretty wedding with strawberry pie instead of wedding cake (genius!) and a very weird hotel with a two-story waterslide in the pool and fluorescent lights in the bedrooms. And Grand Beach at Lake Winnipeg and SO many kinds of ice cream, and hugs, and a very orderly airport (even though they confiscated my hair mousse). Oh, and cheap sushi. And a cat who could sit on command.

So, yes, I had a good weekend, though it kept me from blogging, which is ever sad. So I haven’t mentioned yet that my short story “Sweet” is now online at the Canadian Notes and Queries site. Or that my reading at Pivot at the Press Club is one week from tonight.

Or that that cartoon about never being a grownup that everyone is posting these days is very hilarious and yet nothing like me! Yes, I apparently am the only person in my age category who feels no solidarity with this woman. I *love* grocery shopping and going to the bank! I owe a few emails, it’s true, but they’re in my queue. I even occasionally look forward to cleaning stuff. Before i leave the house this morning, I’m going to scrub the sink and maybe the bathtub.

I’m totally not bragging–I’d be the first to admit that I use groceries and laundry as procrastinatory activities in order to escape doing, like, actual work on my writing. And I *still* find time to surf the internet like an attention-deficit squirrel on PCP. If my sink were dirtier and I had a less-full complement of groceries, I would get more/have to get more work done. And where’s the fun in that? I think this is an element those chore-avoiders haven’t caught onto yet!

3 Responses to “Life–so much stuff!”

  • AMT says:

    yeah, that cartoon is not for you. now please go to edmonton and clean my bathroom. (grocery shopping i love too, though.)

  • saleema says:

    Olive Garden! That’s quintessential Winnipeg. (Yes, I do realize it’s a ubiquitous chain.) Two-story waterslide…CanadInns hotel on Pembina?? You have got me beat with Grand Beach, though. I never made it there in all my time in Winnipeg nor in any of the times I’ve been back.

    I identify so strongly with that cartoon that I’m probably going to finally crack and post it even though it’s already been EVERYWHERE.

  • Rebecca says:

    The hotel was called The Marlborough and it was like some sort of grand 1950s joint that had fallen on hard times. Breakfast was free and delicious and served in this grand dining hall with 2-story vaulted ceilings, but our bathroom was the size of a phone booth and a pregnant woman would not have been able to shut the door without standing in the bathtub. It was baffling, but fascinating.

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