July 12th, 2010

Home Hightlights

Vacation is over and I am back in beloved, smoggy Toronto. I will be, in rose-coloured fashion, concetrating on the belovedness and not the smog, nor will I dwell on the lack of ocean breezes and fresh lobster. Instead, I will focus my attention on:

–big pile o’mail! Highlights include box of free samples of soaps and shampoos, several New Yorkers, the issue of Canadian Notes and Queries that contains my short story “Sweet” (no relation to Dani Couture’s fantastic poetry collection by the same name), baseball tickets, a thing from the government saying I don’t owe them any more taxes, a separate thing from the government saying nor will they be giving me any money, a cheque from the government, and even an actual personal letter!
–raspberry bush o’erflowing with raspberries
–worst fears not realized: apartment not on fire, work projects not disastrous, G20 not ongoing, only one plant dead.
–a couple delightful reading invitations, including one for my beloved Pivot at the Press Club on August 11 (8pm). I haven’t read from Road Trips anywhere yet, so I guess this will be a launch of sorts! Hope you can come!
–hilarious friends, who have spent their time without me going to mustache contests and discussing the merits of accidental death and dismemberment insurance.
–TTC–no, really, I’ve missed it!

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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