June 8th, 2010

More advices

I suggest

–reading Sarah Selecky’s interview on Joyland. Really really practical useful advice, and an interesting interview. I especially like the stuff she said about getting the most out of a workshop–I heartily agree.

–grilling the packaged, pre-marinated tempeh just a little EVEN THOUGH it is technically fully cooked and won’t kill you if you put it directly from the box onto your plate. It also won’t make you very happy.

–not quitting caffeine on a Monday, not doing it cold turkey, and maybe not doing it at all. My brain feels like it is trying to tunnel its way out with an icepick.

4 Responses to “More advices”

  • Phil says:

    The last person I know who tried quitting caffeine cold turkey wound up yakking in the closest garbage can the only time she could get out of bed that day. So, yeah.

  • Scott Watson says:

    I gave up caffeine in 2001. I recall it got better after two months, the first month is withdrawal and the second one for your natural sleep pattern kicking in (with caffeine I was a nighthawk, now I find 11pm pretty late). You also find that you drink a lot more water.

    I think you were right to try it cold turkey. When I tried to phase it out, my mind deviously found way to make me feel that I had earned the coca-cola (or whatever). Cold turkey was the only thing that worked.

    Good luck!

  • Rebecca says:

    Scott, how did you deal with the headaches and, as Phil puts it, yakking (haven’t actually puked yet, but thought about it seriously). I am worried I’m replacing my caffeine addiction with an ibuprofen addiction!

  • Scott Watson says:

    I slept, drank lots of water and accepted the fact that I would not be productive for a month. I also read lots of comic books to make me beloeve I was productive (trust me it made sense at the time). Don’t take anything for it, If you have a headache, sleep, lie down, watch/read something mindless.

    I gave it up at a time when there was nothing major going on workwise. I don’t recommend doing it if the Ship isn’t steady.

    I actually found my stomach settle down. Mind you the water helped with that.

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