June 3rd, 2010

Imaginary Dream Jobs

I mentioned a while back that my dream job is shepherd at a kitten farm a job which is notable for not actually existing. Scott mentioned to me today that his dream job, which rivals mine for awesomeness, would be to teach English to dolphins (apparently, they are on their way). Which opens up a whole new conversational vista–when you ask people what their ideal employment would be, they usually limit their answers to the possible. What would your dream job be if it had to be imaginary?

4 Responses to “Imaginary Dream Jobs”

  • Nathalie says:

    Ice cream taste tester. But only the chocolate or coffee ones or nutty ones

  • Julia says:

    Definitely a “Thank you card writer.” But then again, I”m trying to make that dream a reality:)
    ps: i love your blog!!

  • Rebecca says:

    Good suggestions, Nathalie and Julia! Off-blog, I’ve heard mattress tester and ghost writer for actual ghosts! Oh, my ambitious friends!

  • Andy says:

    Professional beach reviewer. Once a month I would go to a different beach somewhere, relax at a resort (my stay covered, of course) and lounge.

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