June 4th, 2010

Hypothetically speaking

If, say, someone were walking past the spot where she always sees a nice robin and she stopped to watch him this morning, only to notice there was a fluffy baby robin on the ground beside him and she thought she would watch the little robin having flying lessons, only the baby robin tried and tried to fly and couldn’t, and then tried to walk and couldn’t, and then the observer realized none of the brother and sister robins were on the ground and this baby robin was right under his nest and clearly something was wrong. And eventually the baby robin stopped trying and just curled up in a fluffy ball on the ground with his head down, so this person freaked out and went and got a friend, a ladder, and some paper towel, and then the father robin freaked out because of all this action BUT he still came over to the baby and put a seed in the baby’s mouth which perked the baby up for a moment and also proved that he wasn’t the least favoured child or something and had been deliberately exiled. So if the human contigent then bundled the little fluffball up in a papertowel (so as not to transmit and nasty human smells), climbed the ladder and puts the baby back in his house, IS THAT BABY ROBIN GOING TO BE OK?????

Please phrase your responses gently.

UPDATE: We went back outside later and the dad robin was in the next feeding the runaway. I was so happy I briefly considered tearing up…but I never do that. So I just hugged R (who did the actually bird retrieval) and went about a much-better day. Whew.

2 Responses to “Hypothetically speaking”

  • Kerry Clare says:

    Yes! Because you used paper towel. And they obviously still wanted him around but lacked the means for transport, and luckily you stepped in. Well done!

  • AMT says:

    phew. … i was really afraid to answer that one. glad you are on the case, RR.

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