April 28th, 2010

Insane conversation in my hallway just now

From beyond my apartment door: incessant meowing

(RR opens door, cat comes scurrying down the hall to greet her.)
RR: You’re a cat!
Cat: Meow meow meow!
RR: What are you doing here? Where are your people?
Cat: Meow etc.
RR: Where do you come from? (RR begins walking down the hall; cat trots along eagerly, doglike) I don’t know where you come from. Is this your door? (pointing at door) This one? Do you live here?
Cat: Meow, purr. (rubs against RR’s legs)
RR (continuing down the hall; no doors are open; it is too late to be knocking on strangers doors): Is this your house? Where do you live?
Cat (appears to recognize nothing; purrs)
RR: Well, I don’t know. (returns to apartment) No, you can’t come in–you have to stay out here so they can find you! No, I’m sorry, you are a very nice cat, but your people will want you.
Cat (sadly rejected, goes away)
Note 1: Yes, this conversation happened out loud, not in my head.
Note 2: I have lived in this building since 2004 and never before tonight been to the other end of the hallway.
Note 3: Having a nice little cat appear at my door and volunteer to live with me is a longstanding fantasy of mine, and it pretty much crushed me to turn it away.

7 Responses to “Insane conversation in my hallway just now”

  • Andrew S says:

    This cat wasn't by any chance black, with yellow eyes, was it?

    I ask because yesterday afternoon the neighbour popped by to see my new pup, and as I opened the door, said black cat darted through.

    "Is that your cat?" said the neighbour.

    "I don't own a cat," I said, and retrieved it from my bathroom. In fact, my wife is allergic to cats.

    I turfed the cat out. It hung out on my porch until nearly midnight, and made three more forced entries.

    And this morning, it was gone. So….

  • August says:

    This is pretty much exactly how I got my cat, Molly, except I was at a payphone outside my apartment. Took her in, put up posters for a month. Nobody claimed her, so she's been with me for close to six years now.

  • Mark says:

    Oh RR, how did you possibly resist!

  • Kerry Clare says:

    There is a cat missing from Pearson Airport.


    Maybe you found it?

  • AMT says:

    i like 'meow etc.' this is how i am going to start answering the unanswerable questions of my undergraduates.

    them: 'i do not understand, um, phonology? could you explain it again?'

    me: 'meow.'

    them: 'what?'

    me: 'meow, etc.'

  • Steven W. Beattie says:

    RR: You're a cat!

    Cat: Meow, meow, meow.

    Thank you for the best laugh I've had so far this week.

  • Rebecca Rosenblum says:

    Don't worry for me, guys–that cat had disappeared by the time I went out the next day, and I'm pretty sure it went home to its owners (and was not, as a friend suggested, a "ghost cat." And then Wednesday evening, coincidentally, was the night that my friend dropped of her cat to stay with me while she's on vacation. So I am sufficiently catted–for now.

    AJ, that's a very very weird coincidence. I wonder if all MR winners were assailed by cats on Tuesday. We should ask Amy!!

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