April 12th, 2010

Bits and Bobs

The always wondrous Kerry Clare has found another of her own kind, ie., another fascinatingly bookish Kerry! This one is poet Kerry Ryan, and their interview together is really insightful. A small example:

“KR: Well, domestic subjects are easy to come by; we’re constantly surrounded by them. But that doesn’t make it easy fruit to reach — there’s always the challenge of finding the aspects of everyday experiences or objects (especially the ones everyone is familiar with) worth the attention of a poem.”

I don’t look at a lot of photo blogs because, well, I don’t have much technical insight into photography, and to just look at image after image, day after day, on a strictly “That’s so awesome!” level, I must agree with the photographer pretty closely on the definition of awesome. I agree *very* closely with Brooklyn Codger about awesomeness–check this out, and tell me if you are surprised that her real name turns out to be Rebecca. Her posts are generally one (or more) of my favourite things: 1) things found on the ground, 2) cats, 3) food, 4) books (quite often, 1 and 4 combine), 5) cityscapes, 6) craft projects (ok, I don’t get much out of crafts, but BC is so charming I go with it). Now go look at the whole blog and see if you agree about the awesomeness.

You can read a little interview with me over on the Now Hear This blog, posted in anticipation of my reading for them, next Wednesday at 7pm at the Free Times Cafe. It’s been ages since I’ve done a reading in town, leastwise one that was public, so I’m really excited (ok, I’m always excited about readings). What to read, what to read…

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