April 5th, 2010

Bad Blogger

Dear Rose-coloured,

I am so sorry that I completely blanked on our third anniversary, last Wednesday. I truly believe that we are an excellent couple, Rose-coloured, and together we have so much fun, make such lovely new friends, and waste so much useful time that could have been spent getting the tomato sauce off the wall. I could never have imagined that what began as a self-absorbed fling could blossom into the long-term, with digital recorders and long distance interviews, shout-outs on serious blogs, and such kind comments a vast improvement in my nonfiction writing skills (and some actual publishing of it), all in pink pink pink!

Look how far we’ve come! When we first met, I had three jobs and was scrambling to finish my masters degree, and yet you always inspired me to write nonsense about busses and snacks and friends, no matter how tired I was. Now I have, um, two jobs and a book to finish (hm, not that far after all), and yet I totally haven’t gotten sick of friends, busses, snacks, or blogging. Maybe I am a little (tiny bit!) tired of pink.

The forgotten anniversary is only reflective, rest assured, of those above busynesses. My love is pure, and I promise I will make this oversight up to you…what would you say to a new house?

Love and inanity,

2 Responses to “Bad Blogger”

  • frede says:

    Happy anniversary Rose-coloured!!! Many more to come, we hope. I had no idea you were shortlisted for a National Magazine Award. Remarkable.

  • Rebecca Rosenblum says:

    Aw, thanks, Fred!!

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