October 20th, 2009

Ottawa is Awesome

So I went to Ottawa this weekend to do a reading at the famous Manx pub (note that this link mentions an actual Manx cat but I failed to see one. I wonder if they meant a painting??) Anyway, I heart Ottawa and have some awesome friends there, but still I was frightened because it was my first solo reading. On a slate of three or so readers, as I usually am, some pressure is taken off because I can think to myself, “Well, he’s really good and she’s really good, so even if I just keel over after the intro, the audience will get a pretty good night out of it.”

Of course that didn’t happen and the reading went well (they almost always god well, I know I know; this has nothing to do with me freaking out or not). In case you weren’t there and feel sad that you missed it, here’s the play-by-play (thanks to G. for stellar photography).

Poet, bartender, Plan 99 Reading Series organizer, and swell guy David O’Meara introduced me. My lovely posse–Fred, me (note classic RR fear gesture), Myrna M. almost obscured, John M., and the back of L.’s head, showing off her very shiny hair.

An action shot–my approach to the mic.


Myrna volunteered as “honourary cashier,” rather above and beyond, I’d say. Here, making our first sale.

Signing a book (rock star!) while John keeps an eye on me–just as every editorial relationship should be.

Wow, that’s a lot of pictures of me me me. My next post while be about something/someone else, promise. Thanks, Ottawa, Manx folks, and posse, for making it such an awesome weekend for me!

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