October 22nd, 2009


Depending on your mood and inclination, you might enjoy one or several of the following:

–A beautiful and very sexy duet of “Emmanuel” by trumpeter Chris Botti and violinist Lucia Micarelli (via Leon via Mark)

–So this Dresden Cloak is pretty good: 42 3rd Act Twists (my favourite: “Ancient Druids lose interest”) is only the latest of a number of amusing things from the site Scott’s sent me lately (er, via Scott, obviously).

–Tonight, Amy Jones, Carrie Snyder and myself read at ArtBar in Kitchener to celebrate The New Quarterly’s new issue. I am very excited, and would be delighted to see you there.

–Tomorrow night is the Peep Show at the international festival of authors, hosted by Hal Niedzviecki and featuring a number of authors, including Lauren Kirshner and Dani Couture. See Dani peep it up on her blog.


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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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