October 30th, 2009

C’est l’Hallowe’en!!

Oh, I love this holiday. Perhaps most fictions writers are, as we are so dedicated to that which isn’t. There are not enough days on the calander when one is encouraged to go out in costume!

I love making costumes, though unlike with writing, I have little interest in audience for my costumes. Nobody every understands what I am, and the explanation required is often quite long. I am happy to explain, and also happy to remain a mystery for those who don’t care about the explanation. The best question I’ve been asked in a long time was the recent query, “So, Rebecca, what abstract concept are you being for Hallowe’en this year?”

So costume highlights from say 1996 onward (when I was a whippersnapper and costumed by my parents, I wore mainly standard superhero/witch/alien/hula girl costumes, which enevitably disappeared beneath a parka and sometimes snowpants. I did not, overall, fare terribly well during the years I was being dressed by my parents):

1)Bunch of grapes
2) Chalk outline
3) Carrot (something of a produce theme emerges)
4) The Universe
5) Fire
6) Evil Toothfairy (she takes teeth that aren’t even loose)
7) Dryad
8) Television test pattern

There were (gasp) a few years in there that I didn’t dress up, as well as a few in which I was my standard fallback costume, a butterfly.

But this year is going to be the best ever! Or I’m going to get ink poisoning!! Whatever, I don’t care, I love Hallowe’en so much and I’ve already had SO MUCH SUGAR!!

Whatever you are going as (and if you choose not to wear a costume, I choose to pretend you are going as a plain-clothes cop) I wish you a very happy Hallowe’en! Try not to egg any houses tonight!

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