May 17th, 2009

Tokyo and Yokohama in Pictures (well, a few)

Just to be clear: I’m not much of a photographer, and my camera’s not much of a camera. But Tokyo and Yokohama are both so amazing that I think it shines through personal and technical ineptitude. And if it *doesn’t* shine through these pictures, I am having a wonderful time and Tokyo and Yokohama are amazing. This photo upload session is a break to wait out the rain before we head to Harajuku to see the sexy punks!! Yay! Oh, and I was right–it *is* easier to upload pictures to Blogger on a PC. Not much, but slightly.

Reunited at last–the JR train from Narita airport into Tokyo. I have been awake for many many hours in this picture, but it does not diminish my happiness.

View of Tokyo tower (like a miniature Eiffel tower) down an unidentified street my first night in Tokyo.

The crowd at the station. My brother told me to stop taking pictures of strangers after this one. Good point.

View from top of a tall building. Sorry, Ben’s gone for a run and I’m useless about the names here. It was downtown and very tall–that’s all I got.

Sushi-conveyor-belt restaurant. Here this is cheap’n’easy fast food, as opposed to a kooky/expensive night out. But it’s still delicious. No, it’s more delicious.

Uh, not everything about Tokyo is perfect. But note UniQlo bagin my hand!!

Ah, pretty pretty park that I don’t remember the name of. But this is right in the middle of the city, a la Central Park. It’s shockingly gorgeous, no? I didn’t bother taking a picture of the crows; actually, I don’t like to slow down near them.

Us in Yokohama, just about to go into the Boats and Ports Museum (wait, it’s better than it sounds).

See! The Boats and Ports Museum has an actual *boat* you can run around and explore. Me, in a cabin, being a goof.

Ben, in the control room, being a goof.

Me, pretending to drive the boat (I am a very safe driver).

What Rosenblums do on a Ferris Wheel.

A bit of Yokohama, as seen from 3/4 up the Ferris Wheel.

We went to a Shinto festival in Akurasa. This is the top of the Shrine there, plus incongruous Lion Club sign. Why?

What the festival was all about was groups of people carrying very heavy portable shrines through the streets and chanting. It was very moving, somehow, when they pushed past us (the streets are very narrow there), all straining and sweating under the weight of the thing, but still so happy and impassioned. A few times, we got exhorted to chant too. Really an amazing feeling to be included in that.

The band (not called that, I’m sure) that came in between some of the shrines in the parade (also possibly not called a parade).

Most delicious food ever. It’s like a ground rice crepe filled with fried cabbage and dried shrimps and a fried egg, all doused with “bbq sauce” that tastes suspiciously like soy. Ok, that actually doesn’t sound good, but it was amazing.

Me, with eyes closed, in front of shockingly pretty bush.

Me, pointing enthusiastically at robot boat. In the end, we went on a normal boat, but at least I saw the one designed by a manga artist. Cool, no?

OK, whoo. That’s a lotta photos. More…at some point. We head for Kyoto tomorrow for a few days, and I think internet is tres cher there, so it may be a while. But I’ll be back!! Hope you guys are holding the west ok for me!

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