May 15th, 2009

Shocking News: I’m in Tokyo

I am sure I’m the only one who had doubts that this would happen, especially after I paid for the ticket and renewed my passport. But I suffer from a certain lack of faith in the future and when the wheels touched Tokyo tarmac, I was genuinely agog, and couldn’t have been prouder if I had piloted the plane myself. I turned to my charming Korean teenage seatmate, with whom I had exchanged no words in 13 hours, and I beamed and beamed. “Isn’t this amazing?” I would have said, had we shared a language. (on the mutant interantional dateline day that was Tuesday-Wednesday for me, I said almost nothing other than, “Excuse me,” and “Do I stand in this line?” and “I don’t eat beef.” It was a very very hard day for me.)

Even more amazing: after a horrendous half-hour on the tarmac being checked for swine-flu (apparently I don’t have it), they *let us off the plane* and into the rest of Japan. Which turned out to be significantly better than the plane. I guess I have only been here for 36ish hours, but I have seen so much so far. Including:

–dozens of beautiful women wearing smocks. Smocks are all the rage in Japan. It’s sort of a good look, actually.
–teeny little hole-in-wall bars on labyrinthine side-streets that are over a hundred years old. Drinking and hanging out here seems an almost mystical art.
–hundreds of Poe-style crows, cawing and skulking about and being generally terrifying. There are crows everywhere, and they seem to want to eat you. One of my brother’s roommates said there is a rumour that 5 or 6 ganged up and killed a cat.
–My brother!!! Tokyo’s great and all, but I would have visited Ben in Kentucky. With who else could I have a conversation like this:
(peering over the side of a bridge into a river at a bunch of carp)

Me (pointing): Those two are in love!!
Ben: Ah, all fish are male.

–giant Uni-Qlo (I’m sorry, this computer’s crap so I can’t deal with doing links; google to see the wonder that is Uni-Qlo and you won’t be sorry). I bought a smock.

Much more to do after I take a shower and my bro comes back from his run (I wussed out early to post this missive) and we head for Yokahama, where there is a beach and trees and a Ferris wheel from which you can see far away.

I’ll try to report back, although due to computer issues I’m not too sure about posting pictures. Very important: unlike every other time ever, I am not up on anything like other people’s blogs, Facebook minifeed, the general Toronto news, etc. But I am reading email. If something important happens to you, be it fame and fortune, crow attack, or giving birth, you know I wanna know.

Oh, and they put shredded potato on pizza here. It’s shockingly good.

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