May 22nd, 2009


Whoo, back in Tokyo and on free internet!! First thing, ok, the direct link for my short story Q&A at the Afterword. Now, pictures!!

Because the Blogger picture-upload interface is so, um, touchy, I have had to really be choosy about what I put on here, ie., no pictures that didn’t quite turn out, no pictures of Rebecca with a pretty flower, no pictures of cats in Shinto shrines, etc. If you want those, they are on Facebook-of-the-user-friendly-upload-interface. But here, on blogger, are a few highlights of my four days in Kyoto (and a couple from Tokyo before we left).

Me in a Tokyo bookstore. No, there doesn’t seem to be a way to make it not sideways.

Beautiful/spooky Buddhist cemetary in the hills, with view of Kyoto beyond.

There were many lovely girls and women in traditional kimono on our hike in the Kyoto hills. It was a pretty gentle hike, but still must have been challenging in these outfits. These two were the portrait of modest charm when I got my brother to ask for this picture.

Extremely large and awe-inspiring Buddha sculpture.

Traditional garden, outside a restaurant.

Impressive architecture at Kyoto station.

That would be Hiroshimamyaki on left, Osakamyaki on right (one in layers, one all mixed, both delicious).

A stand selling cookies you could feed to the deer in Nara. And deer, waiting for their chance.

Deer!! So cute. And pushy. You could pet them, but they didn’t really care unless you had a cookie.

Me, hanging out with the deer, pretending to be all chilled out about it.

Approach to largest wooden structure in the world (which housed the largest Buddha in Japan), with tourists and wandering deer. Deer as random occurance–so funny!

Largest wooden structure in the world. Pictures from inside didn’t turn out so hot (not hot enough for me to endure further congress with Blogger right now) but I thought this vista just lovely. Deer-free, because it’s in a courtyard where they can’t go. I would’ve smuggled one in if I could have.

Finally had to give her up / just about the time she begins to want me

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