April 6th, 2009

Post-weekend update

So I got to do my GritLit reading yesterday and it was awesome; therefore I am not allowed to complain about the myriad things that went wrong with the universe this weekend and continue to do so (snow??) Ahem.

Sometimes, when life is chaotic and difficult, I am comforted by filling out forms. Not hard forms, nothing tax-related–things I know the answer to. I like very short answers that fit in slots, or even better, can be checked off! So simple, so clear, so little room for chaos or difficulty.

I am particularly fond of the Canada Council form that writers have to fill out after participating in literary festivals funded by the CC. The form is short, direct, and easy (mainly opinion questions, which are hard to get wrong, as are items like one’s own address). Also, since lit fests are inevitably so very much fun, the form is basically an invitation to have a good kvell about how great the committee was, how nice the venue was, what delicious food was served, how awesome the audience was, etc., etc.

So I filled out the form this morning and basked in the warm memory GritLit joys, and this mainly blotted out things like:

Cup of tea #1–site of bug drowning
Cup of tea #3–spilled on sweater
Voice–sounds as if I should be telling midnight callers what I’m wearing (sweater covered in tea)
Rose-coloured readers–far too dismissive of the works of Reese Witherspoon

They’re tryin to tell me how to feel

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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