April 18th, 2009


Next Friday, April 24, issue 8 of echolocation is launching at University of Toronto (4-5, room 719 of the Jackman Humanities Building, 170 St. George Street). The mag will include a little story by me, “Night Flight,” but it’s actually touch and go whether I can actually make the launch or not! Nooo! If *you* can go, you should, and then tell me about it if you don’t see there.

Currently en route to a newsstand/mailbox near you, issue 110 of The New Quarterly, which includes *much* awesomeness, and also my *first published nonfiction* (let’s not be shy about this): “Stuff They Wrote,” a Magazine as Muse essay (doesn’t TNQ have the best series? Yeah! They also have a fun “Who’s reading what?” page).

Sometime in May, issue 76 of Canadian Notes and Queries hits the streets with my first published review (we celebrate every landmark here at Rose-coloured) and, I’m sure, much other greatness.

These are heady days, my friends. And it’s spring.

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