March 4th, 2009

Now in stereophonic sound

I’m pleased to say that two of my short stories, “The Weatherboy” and “Christmas with My Mother,” will be included in the forthcoming audio anthology, Earlit #4 from Rattling Books, coming to a speaker near you this spring. I’m pretty excited to hear my work read by a professional and a stranger, as well as to be included in such a cool cool project.

Please note that I actually don’t know what “stereophonic” means other than Brit musicians, I just like the word. It could actually be that Earlit is not in stereophonic sound, but whatever it is, it sounds pretty good to me.

Please note also that one should not confuse Earlit with Earshot, the paranoiac madcap stageplay by Morris Panych. Both wonderful, and highly recommended by me, but quite different.

I don’t believe in the sun

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