February 14th, 2009

Reading Alerts

Completely unrelated to the previous post, I will be on a panel on “Wandering Jews?” at tomorrow’s Limmud Festival of Learning. Sidura Ludwig, Adam Sol and myself will be talking about the place of Jewishness and the place of place in our writing. That’s at 4:45, but the fest is all day, with cool events throughout.

And then on Tuesday March 3, I’ll be reading at the Vagabond Trust’s inaugural Toronto reading, at Gallery 1313 and as part of Parkdale’s Fireside Culture Week. There’s a whack of amazing people in on this reading, including but not limited to Jenny Sampirisi, angela rawlings, David Seymour, Daccia Bloomfield and DJ Bronson Lee!

The good times just never stop!

And, ok, ok, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Would you mind if I walked over and I kissed your face?

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