February 3rd, 2009

Derby Day!

It’s that time of year we all look forward to, when the A Place Oscar Derby is posted! Make your choices and remember you may have a slight advantage this year, for though I have won the Derby several times in the past, this year I’ve actually seen some of the movies (though not as many as I’d thought; how can I’ve Loved You So Long not be nominated for *anything*??). Actually seeing the films may throw off my fabled ability to guess things accurately at random, so this will be a pitched battle, I’m sure. Get in on it!

A side note is that I’ve seen a *lot* of good movies this year, for various reasons, but one is that the good movies out this year happen to be the sort I like. I really don’t go in for anything with “epic” or “sweeping” in the tagline, no matter how brilliant it may be; just not my thing. And I don’t dig war movies (there’s a few exceptions). Such are my standards that if there’s no character-based movies being made in a thoughtful, intellectual, Oscar-worthy manner, I’ll happily watch character-based goofball comedies and purported junk.

This was a very good year for the character-based film, of both the intellectual and junk level, and some delightful confusion between the two resulted. No matter who wins the Derby, or the statuettes, I’m feeling really well-entertained.

I look a little bit older

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