February 8th, 2009

25 Meals (with meaning)

1. IV Lounge 10th Anniversary Cake courtesy of Dani Couture (who tagged me in this meme, and probably created it, such wonders that poets are).
2. May 23, 1979–First birthday cake, which I did not consume but only looked at, owing to parents’ theory that babies can’t eat cake (they ate it).
3. Summer 1982–First self-made meal: Two peanut-butter sandwiches, d carried into the yard on cookie sheet (second sandwich was for brother).
4. Similar time as #3–English-muffin mini-pizzas with *ham* on them, offered at a childhood friend’s home; small Rebecca’s first inkling that the world was indeed vaster and more curious than she could ever have dreamt.
5. Vacation Wednesdays, 1982-1988–Fried clams at Howard Johnson’s restaurant, favourite American food.
6. Lunch hour, 1989-1992–Swamp food–trail mix adaptation that my Kim, Mary, Jen and I worked hard on. I think it contained pretty much anything that came in small discrete units–nuts, dried fruit, candy, corn chips, breakfast cereal, popcorn, pretzels.
7.Spring 1992–Pizza and French fries, Old Port of Montreal,
8. June 1992–Chicken salad, tossed salad, buns, chocolate pudding with banana chips on top–Family Studies final project.
9. Tuesdays, 1992-1997–Grilled cheese sandwiches and oatmeal cookes, the only things my high school caf made decently.
10. 4x a year, 1992-1997–Exam pizza.
11. Summer 1994–Roasted nuts in a paper sack from streetvendor, NYC.
12. March 1996–Chocolate hazelnut crepe, also from streetvendor, Paris.
14. September 1997–Bagel, eaten while walking up University Ave., first food eaten as resident of Montreal.
15. October 1997–Pizza Hut pizza and those little garlic bread strips–grad food.
16. 1997-1998–Bow thai pasta, crunchy cheese, counted juices, melon/kidney bean salad, black jello, an awful lot of egg salad–RVC caf food.
17. 1997-2001, post-dancing–Madonna pizza (cheese only), eaten while walking down the street.
18. 1997-2001, as often as possible–shish taouk, extra turnips, eaten while walking down the street.
19. Summer, 2000–First sushi experience, California rolls, Afshan’s place.
20. March 2001–Crackers and soup, brought to me by Anne-Michelle to prevent death by flu.
21. February-April 2002–Bag lunch in glamourous food court that I could not afford.
22. 2002-2005–Jaime’s peanut squares, popcorn out of bins, morning glory muffins, rice krispie squares, bagels with lactose-free cream cheese, Entemann’s coffee cake, and mini-mentos…oh, the Proofville Buffet.
23. Summer 2005–Toronto’s little India, my discovery of barfi.
24. September 7, 2008–Eden Mills Lit Fest, first sweet potato pie, the day I first saw my book!
25. Today–Winterliscious with the gang from #14-19–very excited!

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