December 10th, 2008

What Dreams May Come

Reading the Writing About Dreaming post on the Joyland Blog made me want to point out that I agree–nine times out of ten, a person talks about dreams in order to speak uninterrupted about him- or herself–who can contradict you, or even add information, if you are talking about what you imagined? It’s very annoying, especially if you, like me, mainly think that dreams are just myriad snipped-off ends and mangled impressions of the day that just passed.

But the other thing that post made me want to do is tell you about my dreams last night! I so rarely dream anything I can remember and then last night I did, and woke up to blogging about dreams and now I want to share. Here’s to contrarian self-absorbtion!

Dream #1: I needed to talk to this guy, but he’d gone camping.
Dream #2: An acquaintance was making fun of me for refusing to walk on the cracks between tiles on the floor (something I actually won’t do if I can avoid it. But the woman in the dream has never mocked me for it in waking life).
Dream #3: One of my friends was doing my laundry for some reason.

That’s it. Boring and pointless, yes? But that’s probably it for the week, Rebecca-dreamwise. And so it needed airing (well, not *needed*).

Soon one morning

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