December 19th, 2008

Siege mentality

I am definitely the first to complain about ice and snow (to the extent that I am actually banned from complaining about heat and humidity in summer, having used up all my complaint-credits in the first half of the year). Yet there is something a little exciting about blizzards. Not when you are out in the trying to do something or go somewhere or not get hit by a skidding car, but sometimes when you are just building a fort or rolling down a hill, it’s nice to be constantly coated in snow. And sometimes not.

Also cool is the sort of siege mentality of being indoors when the earth is going haywire beyond the windowpanes. I feel a little scared to go out, but very much appreciative of being in. How silly, I guess, but it is a fun white-out world out there, as seen from in here.

Maybe I wouldn’t say that if I weren’t beseiged in here with such deep supplies of gingersnaps and truffles.

Man, you’re in love

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