November 30th, 2008

Cheesy Photo Blog

A bit before *Once* came out, I mentioned to a friend that I would be occasionally getting to do out-of-town readings. He responded, “You’ll have to get a cheesy photo blog to record it all, then. All the big authors have them.” And I was totally set to do so, although I’m not entirely sure if he was kidding or not (Joe?). I even bought a new camera (Mayumi) partially so I could. But…I didn’t. Part of the problem of is being *on-stage* while doing these readings, along with often being too flustered or embarrassed to ask anyone to take the pictures. And really often being too flustered to remember to take pictures of things other than myself. And Mayumi breaking down fairly often when I remembered. And Blogger *hating* to upload pictures from a Mac. And assorted lazinesses.

No more!! I remembered to get the camera out, I asked photo-favours, I geekily begged people to sit still and show me their salads. And, once I patiently spend 45 minutes doing laundry while Blogger uploads, I will now I give you:

*Salon des Refuses Redux, Windsor (November 27) and Waterloo (November 28): Cheesy Photo Version*
(note: I made the first few pictures teeny in an effort to make the upload quicker; no dice, so the rest are normal size. Just click on’em for versions where you can actually make out what’s going on. No offense to the first part of the trip)

The Detroit skyline, as viewed from across the Detroit river, standing in Windsor, being agog at how attractive Detroit is in person (but across water).

Short-story (and other things) author Mark Anthony Jarman being attacked by aliens and/or public art, at the waterfront.

Short-story author Heather Birrell, her husband Charles Checkitts, and their charming daughter Maisie, all getting ready for the reading.

Biblioasis and Canadian Notes and Queries publisher Dan Wells introduces the show.

Beautiful and brilliant The New Quarterly editor Kim Jernigan, with a salad worthy of its diner.

Charles and Maisie listening to Heather reading “Impossible to Die in Your Dreams.”

Mark reads from his story “A Nation Plays Chopsticks.

After the reading, the post-reading drinks, a drive, the other post-reading drinks, a little sleep, a lot of French toast, playing transformers and a lot of talk, we were all still cheerful. That would be Dan, Kim, Me, Mark, and TNQ Managing Editor Rosalynn Tyo.

I am not over seeing *Once* just casually hanging around with real books, and maybe I never will be. The book sales table at the Waterloo reading.

Bruce Johnstone, chair of *The New Quarterly*’s board, opening the evening and chatting with the crowd.

Writers waiting to read. Like cats waiting to spring.

Me, reading. Awesome how ten years after it was pointed out to me, I still do that thing with my foot when I’m nervous.

What an amazing couple of days.

Good morning Starshine!

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