October 26th, 2008

Back at it

Well, here we are in Toronto again, and by we I of course mean me, for depending on who is reading this, you might have been here all along, or never were at all. Wow, that sentence is really reflective of my mental state–confused and groggy.

The Ottawa Writers’ Fest was amazing, natch, but as you do when you are briefly in an exciting new place surrounded by exciting new people, I ran around like crazy (so many monuments!), stayed out too late (so many friends!), walked in the rain, swam with a headcold, talked too much and ate mainly granola bars and fajitas. I may never say anything that makes sense ever again.

If you want to read something about the fest that does make sense, try rob’s clever blog, which has notes on various events throughout the week, and likely more to come. If you want to hearken back to a time when I did write coherently, you can read the Uniter’s review of *Once*. And if you want to look hopefully ahead to a time when I may once more have it together, maybe consider hearing me read at the Cool Jew Cabaret on November 3. There will be a bar mitzvah machine!!

Now I need to go back to sniffling and folding my laundry and staring out the window at the grey grey sky. Toronto is not trying very hard to welcome me back!

How long before the story’s over?

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