September 10th, 2008

Please advise

A few things I could use some help with, if you happen to know…

1) Can anyone recommend a fairly accessible book on the KKK? For obvious reasons, I’m reluctant to do a blind web search on this sort of things, and also obviously, I don’t know anyone with first-hand experiences.

2) Can anyone explain to me what’s going on with Toronto recycling? (I believe it’s different from city to city, so out-of-town advice I guess doesn’t count.) Can you mix paper and plastic now? What about shopping bags? I don’t understand the new labels on the bins in the subways, nor the (different) ones on the bins in my appartment building. I’m worried I’m not being as helpful to the planet as I mean to be. Standing in the alleyway trying not to get hit by a car or a pigeon, I’m not at my best trying to figure this stuff out, and so far no one else seems to know either (comforting in solidarity, but unhelpful).

3) How long can you keep olives in the fridge once the jar has been opened?

4) What should I wear to my book launch? I am *sure* it doesn’t matter to the audience (since I’ve been the audience up until now, and have no memory of what any author has ever worn at a launch/reading/anything) but this is the current thing my mind has perched on to worry about.

If you can weigh on this stuff, that’d be awesome. And, hey, feel free to give me some good advice on an unrelated matter you think I need help with–I take direction well.

I’m listening to the low moan of the dial tone again

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