August 11th, 2008


1) If you are taking a bubble bath, do *not* put your head under if you are easily upset by loud noises. Upon re-emerging, your ears will be filled with bubbles that will pop, creating the sound of a forest fire burning a path directly to your brain. Very upsetting.
2) $13 is enough to pay a hair-dresser to obtain a tidy, competent haircut, but it is NOT enough to pay a hair-dresser to try to dissaude you from your own bad ideas. If you say anxiously, “Do you think that would work for me?” a salon-type will say, “Sweetie, maybe you need to rethink this,” but a barber-shop type will say, “Please sit back in the chair.”
3) The air tastes like fall.

I think it’s coming and it comes so fast

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