August 26th, 2008

There was a Bill Murray movie like this

My email homepage provides a horoscope, so while I’m not wildly into astrology, I’ve taken to checking it every day with mild curiosity. Even though these things are just vague enough to suit everybody, they are also filled with very vague good advice that it would do no one any harm to follow. Like this:

You’ll be working with a lot more energy than the people around you will have today, so you need to be prepared to wait for them — a lot. This is not good news if you’re dependent on others for your own progress, but you won’t be able to speed anyone up — so don’t waste your time trying. Even though patience doesn’t always come easy for you, you’ll find that as the day goes on, you’ll get more and more comfortable cooling your heels while other people try to catch up.

Be patient–sure, why not? It’s usually something cheerful and zen like that, something that makes me feel better heading into the day. Unforutnately, the system at the website use seems to have broken down, and the above has been my horoscope for the past week now. I’m beginning to feel that this is affecting reality, thatI am in fact living the same day over and over again. I’m TIRED of being patient. I want to move ON. Is that too much to ask??

Um, there may have been other problems recently that the random zodiac machine at had nothing to do with. Either way, this is bad for morale.

Love love love

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