July 14th, 2008

Stories and Poems

“Look, there are more people playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’ this very second than will ever buy whatever book you’re talking about. No one cares, dude.”

“That’s no reason to ….”

“Hey! Loser! In about ten years nobody will be reading books! It’s over! Deal with it!”

–Michael Carbert, writing in “The Urquhart Disaster”, Maisonneuve Magazine

I admire the folks at Maisonneuve for, among many other things, continuing to care about stories and books in the face of mounting distractions and dissausion. So I take it as high praise indeed that they’ll be publishing my story, “Massacre Day,” in their next issue. I’m very excited, and will certainly let you know when it’s on the newsstands.

Other people working hard for the cause of words, this time poetry, are all the poets and volunteers at The Scream in High Park, culminating tonight in what, we hope, will be beautiful weather, out in the park. But really, I’m going rain or shine: Claudia Dey! Dani Couture! And a whack more talented folks!

Finally, this is neither story nor poem, but it made me laugh a lot–“My Airline” by David Owen: “You may no longer hum or do any form of beadwork.”

You’re all ladidah/but I know who you really are

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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