July 12th, 2008

Photographic Failure

My camera experienced existential doubt in, oh, April, and in a sense really ceased to exist, since a camera that doesn’t take picture is like the tree falling without an audience–what’s the point?

The point is I have no camera. Sorry, focus. That camera that died had a good run, since it was a film camera that I got in (I think) the nineties. Yes, film. I’m not much of a photographer–I rarely even miss the ability to take photos, except on occasions when someone I know does something photogenic, like the Idle Tigers live on stage, be-glittered and brilliant. Oh, last night was very very good, and it did make me sad to be camera-less.

I have been for some time ready to take the leap into digital photography (once more, bravely into 2002!) I even have money set aside to purchase a simple yet effective model. But I can’t *stand* the thought of losing half a day to comparison shopping, learning what a megapixel is or whether I care about them, and why, being chased by Future Shop employees, eventually buying something I saw in the first hour of the jaunt for $20 too much because I’m just so tired, and then getting teary-eyed over the warantee.

I am not a good technology shopper.

Please please, if you know the name and model number of a simple yet effective digital camera, tell it to me and I will go purchase it (maybe also tell me where to go?) Yes, I am outsourcing my thinking on this matter, but really, almost anyone’s going to be better at it than I am.

All this goes also for laser printers.

In the meantime, sometimes I get photographed by professionals, and that’s really both easier and more effective, because this shot here by Donna Santos is far better than I normally look. Also some other lovely authors you might recognize.

Wear your pink petticoat

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