July 25th, 2008

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There’s always more cool stuff to do in the world, and I always want to do it. There’s a new and very funny blog in the world, The Royal Order of the Indolent, out to promote the new book, Idler’s Glossary, which is about…well, you can guess. I find the blog (and accompanying Facebook group) very fun, even though it’s probably designed for people who can relax even when they don’t have heatstroke, ie., not me. Actually, I see a few people hanging around the Facebook group who could be accused of workaholism, but I let it rest…

Other than blogging and Facebooking, I am up to some slightly more active stuff:

–in August, Steven W. Beattie will run a Short Story Month on his website, That Shakespeherian Rag, full of essays, paeons, and musings, I have no doubt. The story story being a form to which I have devoted many months, I am happy to be contributing an essay, “18% More Effective,” somewhere in the middle of things.
–September 24, I’ll be speaking at a couple of events at the dynamic and diverse Thin Air Literary Festival in Winnipeg. I’m really excited both to be participating and to check out what the other writers have to say.
–this fall, I’m pleased to say that my story “Hello Hello” will appear in Windsor’s Rampike Magazine. It’s the 25th anniversary year for this postmodern Canadian journal, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

All this, and 4th place amongst my friends on Word Scramble! Yeah, ladder mode brings out my competitive edge.

Hey shoplifter / why did you take her?

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