July 23rd, 2008

Creative Endeavours

I don’t really mind heat, even on the extreme side–I have a lowish body temperature, and sort of even like an occasional scorching day. Some do, some don’t, with heat–but does anybody really like humidity? Other than making my skin look really good, I don’t know what there is to like about maple-syrup textured air. If you have pro-humidity theorems, I’d love to hear’em–it might make me feel better. I hate air-conditioning, but I think I hate humidity more, so it’s a fine dice of discomfort lately and really just hard on morale. Also on getting anything done: I’m working as much as ever, but at much slower rates. To slow down ones running or lifting of heavy objects in the heat seems logical, but since mine are mainly endeavours of the mind (wow, that’s a new height of pretension–I’m leaving it in!) it seems odd that the humidity has dragged me down.

It’s better tonight, whetherwise, so maybe work will improve also. In the meantime, inspiration!

I discovered The Ting Tings on David Whitton‘s website and felt an immediate sympathy with the plaint, “That’s Not My Name.” Besides having a wicked beat, the song perfectly captures my pain: despite my so-called “cool name” (I certainly think so), I am frequently called “Jane.” Also, “Rachel.” Also, very often, “you” and yesterday, “whatsyername.” This song makes me feel less alone and anonymous, but the other ones I’ve heard are good too.

Virginia at UofT Alumni endeavours made a beautiful webpage for *Once* on the Great Books by Great Grads site. You can’t see it unless you are an alum, unfortunately, but if you are one, I urge you to check out the full roster–who knew there were so many published past students?

Finally, a dead-sexy website showcasing a designer’s talents–that works. Even if you don’t need a website or letterhead designed, you should look at Create Me This for sterling examples in the form.

Ok. I’m gonna go accomplish stuff now. Really. Yeah.

Maybe Julisa / always the same / that’s not my name

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