June 8th, 2008

Predictive Powers

I hate to brag, but my intuitions were all correct about this weekend. The big party was in fact as scary and intimidating as I had thought, and though no one was rude and the appetizers were delicious and the music good and the space beautiful (though I could never quite figure out where in the museum I was, such was the crowd) I left quite early early. I am a wuss, I admit it, but now I know there is a certain number of strangers beyond which I cannot cope. And that shotglasses filled with chilled soups, with shrimp or cheeseballs impaled on the rims, is a good thing to eat, and actually I didn’t know that before.

Then the Small Press Book Fair was lovely, well-organized and entertaining, and not intimidatingly crowded, though well-attended. I would say the surprise there was hearing Christopher Dewdney read from his latest books on time. That *was* a surprise, because you would think, knowing me, that a poetic and scientific exploration of night and day would leave me gasping for air, but Dewdney’s reading was surprisingly warm and accessible. And no small feet, in a noisy space with so much traffic. Very impressive.

Further predictions–it won’t be this hot forever. Soon it will snow again and we’ll be complaining about that, so let’s enjoy at least being able to move freely on the sidewalks. One more prediction: before the snow but towards the end of summer, I’ll be reading at Eden Mills Writers Festival, which is an exciting prospect. No matter how hot it is in September, Eden Mills is by a river and therefore will be slightly cool, and filled with authors and awesomeness. Hooray!

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