June 14th, 2008

Launch date change and Luminato post-mortem

The Toronto launch got moved to September 15, which gives me (and you!) nearly two extra weeks to be excited. The reason it got changed is because the This Is Not a Reading Series fifth anniversary party is on September 2nd. So if you booked that evening clear, you still have something cool to do.

But I do hope you’ll come on September 15th, for some form of non-reading-series awesomeness. It’ll likely be at the The Gladstone, one of the very first cool places I ever went when I moved to Toronto.

Speaking of readings, I didn’t die at the one I did yesterday. In fact, it seemed to go fairly well: good questions were asked, lots of people turned up (THANK YOU FOR TURNING UP!) and my partner-in-reading ‘s nose stopped bleeding in time for him read his story brilliantly.

However, it does seem to be the consensus that I don’t read so well unamplified, something I will surely be mentioning to someone before the September 15th gig. If you know me well, that revelation seems somewhat surprising, because when calm I can yell quite well across a soccer pitch, but in front of an audience, I am never calm: my voice goes up an octave (it’s true!) and recedes into the back of my throat. I am going to work on this, *this* being sounding less like a half-strangled children’s television character at readings.

Also the thing was *filmed*, which I found a bit disconcerting. I don’t know what the video is going to be used for (blackmail?) but in general Luminato does cool stuff, so if they do something cool with the reading, I promise to let you know. On the condition that I don’t have to watch it.

You and me both kid (you and me both kid)

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