June 28th, 2008

Internet Abundance

There’s been much action on the interweb while I was away–yall just wait for me leave, don’t you? Or, actually, some of this stuff has been up a while, I’m just slow. But now I am alerting you! If you, you know, care about any of this.

–The last ever installment of rob mclennan’s “12 or 20 Questions” series–with rob himself. So interesting. I was shocked at the lack of enthusiasm for pears! Also involving mr. mclennan, witness via YouTube the intense run-up to the Throw-down in O-Town last night, vs. Nathaniel G. Moore. It’s too bad they couldn’t have had one here (or I couldn’t have posted about this earlier for the Ottawa reader(s) out there) but the videos are pretty amusing.
–In further bookishness, the always insightful Kerry Clare, writes movingly about the books we read again, on Descant Blog. I can’t quite nail down the metaphor here–if the past is a foreign country, books are open tickets…? Oh, she says it much better–go read.
–Toronto poet Dani Couture has started a photo blog called Animal Effigy in order to document the ways the urban environment is haunted by images–effigies–of the animals we have shut out. The pictures are often funny and sometimes sad, and you can contribute if you have a similar eye for this sort of thing.


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