May 15th, 2008

Spring Fever

I am ill. Ill! Not anything anyone should be concerned about, just sniffling and coughing and swollen lymph nodes that make neck feel it’s about to sprout ridges like an iguana. But still. It’s spring! Lilacs are out, and crabapple (proofreading note: I originally wrote “cranapple” there and below–apparently, I have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the Ocean Spray people) blossoms and magnolias and forsythia. On Monday the road that runs by my office smelled *so good* on the walk home because of crabapple blossoms, but today I can no longer smell it. Bah!

(Possibly, one could note here that I should stop wandering around outside trying to smell things, grocery shopping in the rain, leaving the house with wet hair, etc., if I do not wish to be sick. But no, I think I’d rather continue to do those things, and complain.)

It’s so ridiculous / I can barely stop

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