May 27th, 2008

Moving Right Along

The new issue of Exile Quarterly is out (with a gorgeous flame-y cover) which means I had to take “my” issue off the “Now” list. The saddest moment in publishing, the no-longer-on-newsstands moment. But moving right along, there is the summer issue of The New Quarterly to look forward to. In addition to what I hear is an amazing line-up in the “Salon de Refuses” feature, there will be (in a separate section) an interview with me by the insightful and charming Amy King, as well as my short story “Linh Lai.” I am excited about the whole affair, utterly.

Also upcoming–this blog is being “syndicated” at the University of Toronto alumni community website (not live yet, hence no link) starting on Thursday. If you are already reading this blog, this means very little to you. It’s just another place people can read a slightly abbreviated version of Rose-coloured. Anyway, it’ll be cool to encounter my fellow alums on the interweb, and I liked the idea of community, as you know, very much. So on Thursday I’ll be posting the link (I hope) and the “Welcome, new friends!” message, and then probably, business as usual.

Moving right along…

Where’s the tenderness? / Where’s the girl I miss?

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