May 11th, 2008

Mother’s Day…

is one of those occasions I feel politically opposed to, but personally fond of. I don’t like officially dictated emotion—love your mom in May, your Dad in June, and your significant other in February. It’s weird to celebrate only these traditional roles and not others, and certainly hard on those people who don’t have people, or people they want to celebrate, in those positions in their lives. I was fairly irrational on the subject of Family Day in a few months back–now they’re *legislating* our affections? But the fact is, I love my family 365 days a year, but it *was* fun to take a day to emphasize that. Similarly, I adore my Mother, and it’s nice to have an occasion to bake her a loaf of bread and spend the afternoon together.

So, it is with mixed but genuine feelings that I wish those of you who are a observant a very happy Mother’s Day.

This sentimental heart that beats / I don’t really mind

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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