May 18th, 2008

I take requests

My interpretation of the words to “Daytime Emmy” by Heartbreak Scene. Whaddya think–am I close? It *is* hard to make out, but I think I’ve got the soul of it here:

I’m the winner of a daytime Emmy
Not too bad for a clockpuncher
They killed me once and the fans brought me back
I make such beautiful enemies.

My scar’s on already
My drink needs a straw
And then I gotta get ahold of my agent
But I’m off in Iowa openin a mall
You were broke, I’d been fired

I don’t feel very safe
You always used to always treat me like a special case

The offer offer looks good
Sellin’ garbage to trash
But do I disappoint them or the ones that catch me?

Entertainment’s a lifetime callin’
They’ll always be watchin as long as you’re fallin’

(chorus repeated many times)

The qualified ideal that you gotta be patient
They’re running your seasons right now in Malasyia

(chorus repeated many times)

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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