May 10th, 2008


Ok, so I was the only writer in Toronto who’d never been to the IV Lounge before. I had the address in hand, and still I walked by it twice on the way to the 10th Anniversary of their reading series. There’s no sign, and it just looked like a house with the door swung wide. But if you glance *through* the door, you can see there’s a Toronto Life review pinned to the entrance way. So perhaps not a house. If you go into the vestibule, it does in fact say “IV Lounge” in chalk, but that doesn’t really jar loose the impression that you’re walking into someone’s living room when you open the second door. Nor does the fact that everyone in the room *notices* when you do.

But such a warm room, once you make your way inside—full of writers excited for writing and reading and eager to share (although I did hear–“Wow, you’ve *never* been here?” more than once. People have no sympathy with the whole “no life” thing!) There were ten folks on the bill last night (for 10 years, natch) and it was ovely. I *do* love readings–that joyful childhood association with being read to. I know poems about extinction by Paul Vermeersch or weapons by Dani Couture, or crime fiction by John McFetridge, among the many other standouts yestereve, aren’t exactly my mom and a fairy tale, but there is that same sense of “trust me and I’ll tell you something good”. And I wasn’t disappointed. Now that I know where it is, I’ll be back at the IV fairly often, I imagine.

And I’ll be going to the book launch of *IV Lounge Nights* in a few weeks (May 29). Not only because I was so impressed with IV in general, but specifically because my lovely friend Matthew J. Trafford is featured in the collection. I can’t wait.

Oh! The thing about these glorious nights with the writers is that I get no writing done. To work, to work!

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