April 20th, 2008


It’s been pointed out to me this week that in some ways I do a poor job of self-promotion. Sure, I talk about myself all the time, but it’s always about the *next* thing I’m *trying* to do. I am capable of pursuing a goal with laser-like focus (a laser sitting on somewhat shaky stand of low self-confidence, which thus occasionally tips over and burns a hole in the ceiling), but if I ever actually get to do anything cool, you might not know unless you’re standing next to me in the 20 minutes after I find out, before I move on to the next cool thing I want to try for. In fact, I was so terribly worked up about the reading at the Exile launch last month that many people, including those were actually present, didn’t know my story was published in the issue. Because the reading was immediate and scary, it blotted out everything else I had ever done, including have my story “Wall of Sound” be published in issue 31.4 of Exile. And it was!

Likewise, I failed to mention to you all that Luminato and the Toronto Public Library are beginning to promote their Festival of the Short Story in a booklet called “What’s More,” tipped into Now Magazine, The Star and The Globe and Mail. I cannot find the booklet myself, but this is possibly because the Saturday Star is 10 000 pages and I am groggy. I will try again tomorrow. If anyone finds one, please let me know.

Oh, wait, the *reason* I’m telling you this is that I will be *reading* at the Luminato/TPL Festival of the Short Story, with fellow author David Whitton, as moderated by Lynn Coady. Obviously, this is something I’m thrilled and excited about, but keep forgetting to mention. Certainly, the whole of the Festival is going to be amazing, you should try to check out some of the other readings (the whole roster is available if you click the link at right). Oh, you probably can’t come to *my* event, as it’s in the middle of a week day, but…heeeyy, freelance friends…? And student friends…?

Ok, so the box at right–wanky? I sorta think it is, but then again, a reason to google my name is to see what I’m up to, and the actual posts on this blog don’t really provide that (they provide a list of my flaws! and a list of things people call those little drives you plug into your USB port! very useful!) So, we’ll see. I’ll try to fill it up with stuff, there’s more going on, but I feel like I have to write a post for each event I add, and I’m very tired now. Possibly, in the morning I will decide, definitely wanky, and take the whole thing down. We’ll see.

But do let me know if you find that booklet, and where. I really want one. It’s something new for me to fixate on.

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