April 12th, 2008


There are really too many posts about how much I love malls, but in truth, it’s *because* I don’t get to go that often that I feel compelled to kvell every time I do. Yesterday, killing time before dinner, I bought some lip balm that benefits AIDS research, which is funny because trying on lip-balm testers in stores used to be how kids thought you could get HIV. So I put on some of the tester, to prove to myself how far we’ve come. Or something. Mall symbolism gets a little murky.

Other items of mall joy: mannequins with furrowed brows! The hilarious security guard at Sephora! My new camisole, purchased for the sole purpose of compensating for tops and dresses that I buy, otherwise nice but far too low-cut. Is nipple-grazing the fashion now, or do I just have an unerring love for inappropriate shirts? Anyway, camisole=problem solved.

Gosh, this is trivial. But such is life.

Better: I’m going to see a little Victorian melodrama tonight, courtesy of the kids at Free Biscuit, still going very strong despite the fact that the blog is no longer being updated (hence no link!) Also now reading/looking at Alison Bechdel’s *Fun Home*. I really mean it about the “looking at” part–I’m getting way better at taking it all in when I read graphic novels. I used to actually skip the pictures and just look for words! Not consciously, but if there was narrative in the visuals, I’d miss it and then have to go flipping back for it. I’m picking up a lot better this time. Could help that Bechdel is both brilliant and extremely textual–she builds books and words into a lot of her images, and so those boundaries start to blur. Anyway, it’s an extremely compelling book, highly recommend if dig that sort of thing.

Sorry, I’m rainy-day groggy. Perhaps a more brilliant post tomorrow!

Taste it and tell me it’s savoury

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