April 7th, 2008

Musical Notation

To clarify my previous post, in which I mention that Mark Everett is 75% of The Eels–Everett writes and sings all the songs, as well as performing on various accompanying instruments. Other accompaniment has been provided by various others over the years, including the ever patient Butch, Mr. E’s Beautiful Orchestra, and currently, a young man referred to as The Chet. The Chet is extremely good in fulfilling demands of being an entire back-up band, singing and playing the piano, drums, guitar and saw, sometimes more than one in a single song. Still, he is a supporting player, and though one of two, is still somewhat less than half the operation. In my opinion.

In other music opinionating, I have a hip-hop recommendation, which given my general tastes and the colour-scheme around here, you may find surprising. Yes, there is the bias of friendship involved in this recommendation, but having listened to Koko Bonaparte‘s tracks with extreme care to make up for my untrained ear, I am pretty sure that they are amazing. I realize you will (and should) take that with a grain of salt, but I’m nearly positive. Check her out for yourself!

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