April 5th, 2008

Brilliant Abundance

Suspecting I might feel somewhat bereft after the glamourous events of earlier this week, I scheduled myself an onslaught of friends and fun in the surrounding days. It worked pretty well, due to the brilliant abundance of Toronto’s friends and events, both. Some highlights

Basia Bulat at Lee’s Palace, on the autoharp, accompanied by ukulele, viola, and banjo.

Charles Foran, Pico Iyer, and Chuck Thompson on three very different travel experiences (SARS in Hong Kong, visiting the Dali Lama [can you believe that website exists?] and commercial vacations) at Harbourfront.

Greek bulgurand vegetables and endless good conversation at Kerry’s beautiful new home.

More good conversation about Special Topics in Calamity Physicsat book club (shh, book clubs are not lame unless the people in them are. And the people in mine are awesome).

Delicious dinner at Sushi Island, which included delicious unagi, which is strangely thematic since afterwards we went to see The Eels at the Mod Club. Another theme of the week could tie in with the above Calamity Physics, since the opener of the evening was not another band but a short documentary about Mark Everett’s (the man who is 75% of the Eels) father, Hugh Everett the unjustly ignored physicist who developed the theory of parallel universes. The movie was ok, I’m not much one for theoretical particles, but the Eels were so amazing–the saw solo! The carpets! Mr. Everett was in fine fine voice, and stellar drumming, and, oh, I really liked that show.

So this is why I say my city is brimming with brilliant abundance. Although now I am very tired. I will briefly drop in at Lindsay’s spring party, and then I think things will get a little less abundance for a while.

Riding a red line / no where

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